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  • Residential Repaint

    The house was originally painted a 'minty green' color. The property owner wanted an 'updated' look and asked us to match the color he saw on another home. The pergola beams were sanded-down by our crew and owner was going to stain it himself.

    Residential Repaint
  • Residential Cedar Roof Shake Re-coat

    One of the crewmen is wearing a climbing harness and finishing the east side section of the roof. The roof coating was a mixture of boiled linseed oil, alkyd paint 'Sumac Red' and paint thinner.

    Residential Cedar Roof Shake Re-coat
  • Commercial Repaint

    This was a warehouse in Lockwood in need of scraping, priming and a final coat. The light blue paint was an exterior primer. The final coat was sprayed and backrolled to match the existing sheet metal siding.

    Commercial Repaint
Brushfire Painting is committed to
excellence and customer satisfaction.

Brushfire Painting has been proudly serving Billings, MT and the surrounding area since 2007. We specialize in both commercial and residential painting and have an experienced crew large enough to handle any project.

To request an estimate for your painting project, please call (406) 855-7521 or use the contact form on the right hand side of the page.

About Brushfire Painting

Joe is committed to running and operating a high caliber painting company in Billings to answer the growing demand for skilled craftsmen, especially painting contractors, as the Billings real estate and construction markets continues to expand.

Commercial Painting Projects

Commercial builders like working with Brushfire Painting for 3 reasons. First, we offer a competitive price, second, we are able to start and finish in our duly appointed window of time, and third, we work cooperatively with other trades to allow them and us to keep the project moving efficiently.

We are serious about safety. Job sites have many hazards and we believe that no job is too important to overlook safe work practices. All of our workers are covered by workers' compensation and our goal is to maintain a superior safety track record.


Residential Painting Projects

Our scope of work includes everything from new construction to repaints and remodels. You can expect a free estimate to include a digital copy of the bid with a detailed summary of our process, how long the project will take, a tentative start date and a competitive fee for services.

For new and existing homes, we conform to standardized painting techniques to ensure a quality finished product. We are able to do sheetrock repairs, blend wall texture, match colors and sheens, accent walls, cut-in ceilings, faux designs, wood stain and lacquer, gel staining all with a final punch-list of touch ups to ensure you are completely happy with the finished product.